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Antique & Vintage Doll Auction

May 19 & 20 

Live In Person & Online Auction 

This will be an absolute auction of dolls from collectors from Ohio, Indiana, Florida & Kentucky. Come join us in person or bid live online on select dolls. Some of our featured dolls include: French Jumeau Automata of Bebe reading a book and fanning herself, French Fashion Lady Dolls including original wedding gown and wonderful veil with needlework trim, Jumeaux Fashion dolls, French Claude Blampoix 19th Century Wax Dolls - Paper-machewith leather bodies and wooden limbs, Kathe Kruse Dolls, Vintag Vogue Ginny, German Bisque, Portette Dolls (Jacqueline Kennedy, Rare Scarlett Doll and Asian dolls), Heidi Ott, Toni Dolls, Annete Himstedt, Turner, UFDC Souvenir Dolls and Much Much More!!

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